What is EMDR?

In this video, I share about what EMDR is and give a basic run down of the treatment protocol you can expect if receiving EMDR treatment for trauma or addiction.  There are other variations on this protocol, but this is a good overview of the treatment.  Check it out if  you are curious about EMDR.  […]

How to Figure Out What Triggers You

Figuring out what triggers you might be difficult because it’s probably so obvious and pervasive that its hard to pin point. How you feel four seconds before you look at porn is the real issue that needs targeting. The pornography, lust and sex addiction is a symptom of a much deeper painful trigger. Next time […]

How to Track a Negative Cycle

This video shares how to track a negative cycle. The concept comes from Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a highly effective form of couples therapy. In the video I track the negative cycle my husband and I get into to model for you how to track a cycle and explain how to use a cycle to […]

Fill the Well

It is so tempting to do all the “checking” before doing the daily spiritual practices of the day.  I find myself checking my emails before reading the Bible, scrolling through Instagram in lieu of meditation and responding to text messages whilst leaving my writing unattended to.  I feel so much better when I don’t do […]

The Negative Cycle

Every relationship has its positive and negative cycles.  I first learned about cycles from Sue Johnson author of Hold Me Tight and Love Sense. Her theory Emotionally Focused Therapy is a big deal in the therapy world and has two main concepts one of which is “the cycle”.  Recently I have been tracking the negative […]

Resourcing and Grounding

Aloha! Just wanted to take a moment on Maui where peace is abundant and share with you a few ways to shift from tension (however little or much you are currently feeling) to peace in really easy and quick ways. Resourcing and grounding throughout the day are excellent ways to feel more resilient and less […]