The Sunlight of the Spirit

Sprit, sunlight, AA, recovery
Get yourself back into the sunlight of the Spirit!

What is the sunlight of the spirit?  It’s that feeling of comfort and peace that you get when you are fully connected to God.  It’s serenity from surrendering your life to Him, giving Him complete control and trusting that He will work all things out for good.

How do you get into the sunlight of the spirit?  There are many ways to get into the sunlight.

  • By reading spiritual material like the bible or the big book that helps get your mind focused on Him and less on yourself.
  • Prayer is another way to connect.  Just by telling Him your problems and praying for other people you can feel close to Him.
  • Meditation is also a way to increase your conscious contact with God, and it trains your ear to hear His voice.
  • Calling a sponsor or an accountability partner to listen and share where you are at is helpful because like the bible says, “Where two or more are gathered, He is there in their midst.”
  • Have you ever noticed that going to an AA meeting changes the way you feel?  It is like alchemy for my soul when I go.  Often I don’t feel like going, but God meets me there.  I usually hear exactly what I need to hear.
  • Getting out in nature is like a revival for my spirit.  I love to look at trees and breathe in fresh air while talking with God.

Yesterday, I took a hike and write with a stick in the dirt “I surrender”.  I needed to do this because I had somehow slipped out of the sunlight of the spirit the week before.  I noticed I started to get depressed after I was sick for a week and isolated away from people to not get them sick.  I watched myself turn to old coping mechanisms from childhood such as watching excessive TV and eating too much chocolate.  Rather than reaching out for help and connecting over the phone, I dwelt in self pity.

When we don’t feel God’s presence in our lives, it is not God who has left us, but us who have turned away.  If God feels far from you, ask yourself what you have done today to connect to Him.  He desires to love you and have a relationship with you if you’ll let Him.

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