Fill the Well

It is so tempting to do all the “checking” before doing the daily spiritual practices of the day.  I find myself checking my emails before reading the Bible, scrolling through Instagram in lieu of meditation and responding to text messages whilst leaving my writing unattended to.  I feel so much better when I don’t do this.  When I can get the self control to push play on my bible app and listen to scripture, meditate for a few minutes and write my morning pages before doing any of the other things  I get inner peace.

Having a slow morning where spirituality, mindfulness and creativity are attended to first makes me feel like I’m taking a figurative xanex for the day; it leaves me resilient and filled with God’s holy spirit.

Another thing I find helpful first thing in the morning is to say this little prayer, “God, direct my thinking and take away my fear and my difficulties and show me what your will is today.  I surrender my life to you Jesus and I accept what is because I trust that you will use even trials to grow my character out of your love for me.  Amen.”

The writing I do, called the Morning Pages, is something I first read about in the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  If you have never been through this book before I highly recommend it.  I’ve done it all the way through about eight times and it has increased my creativity and my connection to God every time.  I always take away new things and it’s also a lot of fun.  Julia Cameron recommends writing three pages of stream of conscious writing in the morning by hand.  I wrote in journals for about seven years and then found the website which I prefer because I was running out of room under the bed and it has a metadata feature which allows me to organize my writing extremely easy.  Before I’d lose my various writing in the massive pile of journals I accumulated and now with a couple clicks I can find it so fast!  It has revolutionized my writing and allowed me to finish a whole novel.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression I recommend prayer, meditation, and writing first thing in the morning before the daily checking commences.





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