If it Feels Bigger than it “Should”

Even though I’m a therapist who has done a lot of inner work, I still get triggered and I still get afraid. When I am triggered by something and I feel more than I “should”, I’ve learned to get really curious. Well, that doesn’t happen right away.  Usually I freak out and believe the amount […]

It’s Not About the Rupture

I want to talk about ruptures and repairs. Being a human means that we all have expectations and disappointments about unmet expectations. When we feel disappointed we can either stuff it, get angry and vent about it or we can share about it with the person who disappointed us in a non-attacking way. How do […]

What is EMDR?

In this video, I share about what EMDR is and give a basic run down of the treatment protocol you can expect if receiving EMDR treatment for trauma or addiction.  There are other variations on this protocol, but this is a good overview of the treatment.  Check it out if  you are curious about EMDR.  […]

How to Figure Out What Triggers You

Figuring out what triggers you might be difficult because it’s probably so obvious and pervasive that its hard to pin point. How you feel four seconds before you look at porn is the real issue that needs targeting. The pornography, lust and sex addiction is a symptom of a much deeper painful trigger. Next time […]