Fill the Well

It is so tempting to do all the “checking” before doing the daily spiritual practices of the day.  I find myself checking my emails before reading the Bible, scrolling through Instagram in lieu of meditation and responding to text messages whilst leaving my writing unattended to.  I feel so much better when I don’t do […]

The Negative Cycle

Every relationship has its positive and negative cycles.  I first learned about cycles from Sue Johnson author of Hold Me Tight and Love Sense. Her theory Emotionally Focused Therapy is a big deal in the therapy world and has two main concepts one of which is “the cycle”.  Recently I have been tracking the negative […]

Resourcing and Grounding

Aloha! Just wanted to take a moment on Maui where peace is abundant and share with you a few ways to shift from tension (however little or much you are currently feeling) to peace in really easy and quick ways. Resourcing and grounding throughout the day are excellent ways to feel more resilient and less […]

Self Connection

I have felt called recently to start sharing more frequently about what I have been learning in the therapy world and as a mother.  I am going to be posting videos as well so get excited because some content is headed your way!  First of all, I’m posting a video today about how to connect […]

How to Bounce Back

How to bounce back from pregnancy and labor.  First of all, when you’re pregnant, don’t over do it with the eating and laziness.  Keep moving as much as you can.  Regular cardio is good for you and good for your baby and will help the bouncing back afterward to go well.  Just because you’re pregnant […]

Divorce Prevention

I am twenty-nine years old, I’ve been married to my thirty-four year old husband, Chris, for four years. While I know that four years is not that long, I do feel that we have a very healthy marriage because of the marital habits we have implemented. Also, as a Marriage and Family Therapist graduate student […]

Finding Healing (Underneath a Cookie Monster Colored Fuzzy Blue Blanket)

I have to do a genogram for my career counseling class and I included my immediate family, Chris and my grandparents and aunts on both sides.  My teacher docked me off five points for not including my cousins and uncles.  Through therapy with Wendi today I realized that it is too painful to include them.  […]