False Self vs. True Self

False selves and true selves are two very different selves we have. A false self is the image we portray to the world. Be it by social media or in person, it is not the real us. It’s the us we wish we were or the us that we wish that others would think that […]

How to Feel

Do you slip into numbness? Do you dissociate with food or tv or internet or work? There are things you can do to reactive feeling as a part of your life. Feeling is important because it is part of what helps us conceptualize our lives and navigate relationships. We want our feeling and our thinking […]

How’s Your Diet?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or nutritionist so always consult your doctor before doing anything diet related.  What I write in the following blog is my personal opinion.  I am a mental health professional and am writing with the purpose to educate on the link between diet and mental health. How is your […]

John Chapters 1 & 2

Before you read this, read John chapters 1 & 2.  Then read the following.  Afterwards, sit quietly with Jesus and talk to Him about the areas you are ready to allow Him into.   I was reading John chapters 1 and 2 just now and three things were revealed to me while reading. One is […]

What’s your Attachment Style?

What kind of attachment style do you have? Aren’t you curious? It’s important to know this so that you can work on it and have more inner peace, emotional awareness and regulation, and healthier relationships.  There are four main styles. The first is secure. I’ve heard that the majority of people out there are securely […]

The Lady at the Well

I’ve been thinking about the lady at the well from John 4. I don’t know why, but she is one of my favorite characters in the Bible. Ok, I totally know why, if I’m honest. It’s because I lived a hidden life filled with shame and now I get to proclaim His message shame-free, just […]

The Only Way Out is In

I had an amazing supervisor once, Mim Collins, who told me people avoid what they need to deal with because they are afraid that if they enter into it, they will have to relive the whole experience, but the truth is, they’ve already lived through the worst of it; it will only feel as if […]

The Habit of Introspection

I am a big proponent of having an introspective life. This means sitting for at least a few minutes a day to stop and think about how your life is going in the present. Do you have habits that are causing you some symptoms? You know, like too much tv, chocolate or social media? Did […]

If it Feels Bigger than it “Should”

Even though I’m a therapist who has done a lot of inner work, I still get triggered and I still get afraid. When I am triggered by something and I feel more than I “should”, I’ve learned to get really curious. Well, that doesn’t happen right away.  Usually I freak out and believe the amount […]