Amy’s Favorite Apps for Mental Health

There are a few apps that I really enjoy and they are so simple that it makes it really easy to return to them again and again. One is called Breathe2Relax. It is nothing fancy. Basically, you watch a bar go up and down and it tells you to breathe. You can increase or decrease both the inhale and exhale to the amount of seconds that feels right to you. It helps you to focus on your breathe, counting each one. There are also pretty pictures in the background that slideshow through and also help to facilitate relaxation. I like it because it’s something I can do in one or two minutes that actually works!

The next app that I want to share about is Audiojoy. There are many different Audiojoy apps and I recommend checking them out. They are great because they provide free 12 step meetings that are recorded. If you are in recovery, listening to a speaker can be a useful way to spend a morning commute to work. They also have meditations. If you pay you can unlock even more stories and features.  I highly recommend checking it out.

The last one I want to share about is one that I just found this week called “The Work App.” It costs 99 cents and is a great way of sorting through triggers. It has two options. One is to work through a belief that is bothering you. Something like “I’m no good” or “I’ll always be alone” etc. The other feature is called the “Judge your Neighbor” worksheet. It reminds me of doing a step 10 in AA where you get to write out what that person did, and then you follow it up with your part. It helps you to increase compassion for others and work through black and white thinking. The worksheet asks a series of questions, for example, “Is it true?” and “Who would you be without this thought?” My answer to the last one is always a bit gut wrenching as I remind myself that with a changed perspective and some letting go, I get to be free! The last thing I like about the app is they also offer a free helpline where you can call in and get some assistance working through your worksheets. In a day and age where our phones tend to waste our time, I like finding little tools like these three to maximize my phone’s potential to assist me in day to day living. What are your favorite self-help apps?

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